The discovery of the I-52 in over 17,000 feet of water on May 2, 1995 is the culmination of a five year research effort by Paul Tidwell. The I-52 was a cargo carrying submarine... more>>

Top Secret Declassified Logs

The following information was extracted from Top-Secret documents intercepted by US intelligence and from Top-Secret reports...

"A Voyage of Discovery" Booklet

Undersea Explorers Hunt for the I-52

A Successful Search Operation in the Deep Atlantic Locates the Wreck of a Historic World War II Warship. Explore the history, search, and discovery of the sunken I-52 submarine. more>>

Still Photography

Photos by:
Jonathan Blair

Jonathan Blair worked with Nauticos and National Geographic Magazine to produce striking underwater imagery
of the I-52. View the photographer's personal website,.featuring his world-famous photography at www.crocodilefotos.com


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